Kokorico Jean Paul Gaultier

Kokorico – One of 2012’s most distinctive fragrance bottles

Jean Paul Gaultier and unconventional are synonymous – from Men’s skirts to tuxedo overalls there’s hardly anything he hasn’t experimented with. The fragrance line has not been far behind; Le Male completely broke stereotypes int he 1990s with its male torso bottle and a potent mix of ingredients that you could smell from one end of the fragrance counter.

Kokorico is an all-new fragrance from Jean Paul Gaultier and has just recently won The Fragrance Foundation of France’s award for the Best Men’s fragrance as part of its list of winners for Les Parfums 2012. This fragrance is all set to be launched in India. You will love the conversation bottle shaped like the silhouette of a man.

While the fragrance lists a medley of notes like fig leaf, patchouli, vetiver and cedar it is the cocoa bean that dominates this scent and sets it apart. It works best as an evening wear fragrance and would make a great all-day office wear scent if longevity was better. (Price on request)


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