How to buy a fragrance

  • One of 2011’s best men’s fragrances – Carolina 212 VIP Men

    Don’t sniff too many fragrances: Unless it’s an unplanned visit to a fragrance store, be clear about what kind of  fragrance you are seeking (office or party, summer or aquatic etc) and don’t even go close to the rest. Always keep aggressive salespersons in check and don’t let them decide what you want unless you are not sure yourself!. Try not to smell too many scents; even with the coffee beans they all start to smell the same at some point.

  • Shortlist what you fancy: and keep that list to a maximum of 3 or 4 fragrances and request the sales person to spritz that on different different points of the hands and not too close to each other! Don’t make your purchase on the basis of how these scents smell on the blotter. They usually smell very different on your skin.
  • Let the fragrance interact and settle down on your skin: Most fragrances are sold on the first impression that is usually created by the top notes but these notes usually vanish very quickly and its the base notes  that linger.
  • Take a walk: leave the counter, walk around the mall or the store for a while (Longer the better) and let the scent settle down and allow the real fragrance to emerge. You can also test the longevity and staying power of the fragrance.
  • Now you’re good to go: If you’ve selected the fragrance you like, check for offers and gifts/giveaways so that you can get the best deal!

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