Best party fragrances for women 2011

Forget the Jimmy Choo handbag, the fragrance makes a great party accessory too!

Prada Candy (EDP Rs 4950 / 80 ml): Crafted for the unconventional young woman (Who isn’t these days?) this is a bold attempt from one of the most distinguished fashion houses. The bottle may evoke the packaging of classic beauty products but the bright band of pink saffiano leather that hugs the bottle reveals the funky streak. The fragrance combines a cocktail of musks with an explosion of almost edible caramel – high quality ingredients in excessive proportions. Sweet, instantly likeable yet very feminine – does that describe you?

Burberry Body (EDP Rs 3050 / 35 ml): British actress Rosie Huntington Whiteley is the face of this all-new fragrance from Burberry and with cleverly placed images of her all over fragrance stores this is likely to be the fragrance most gentlemen are likely to buy for the woman in their lives. It’s Burberry’s most sensual fragrance yet and it opens with peach, rose and sandal before finishing with warm vanilla and musk note. A versatile fragrance that is perfect for all day use and has enough refined ingredients to make you stand out at a party.

Jimmy Choo (EDP Rs 5900 / 100 ml): No brand has been to more red carpet events in the last decade than Jimmy Choo. Handbag, shoes and now with the brand’s debut fragrance, you are ready for the best parties in town. The packaging is standout – a bottle inspired by jewel coloured Venetian Murano glass. The fragrance is bold and full of warm, rich and woody depths with a seductive Orchid heart. Perfect for the confident woman who is likely to be on every guest list that counts.

Gucci Guilty (EDT Rs 4100 / 50 ml): You will love the bottle – A stunning fusion of glass of metal with Gucci’s signature interlocking G that reveals the bottle’s glass interior under the bottle’s gleaming metallic surface. An intense floral-oriental fragrance, it opens with a sparkling burst of citrus and a hint of black pepper that make way for fruity and floral notes like lilac before finishing with a rich amber base. Modern, with a daring sensual edge and yet very wearable for any night on the town.

Belle d’Opium (EDT Rs 3500 / 50 ml) by Yves Saint Laurent: Opium is probably one of the most enduring women’s fragrances ever created and there’s a good chance you might have spritzed some of your mother’s Opium for your first party in high school. Belle Opium may not be able to fill those big shoes but two accomplished perfumers (Honorine Blanc and Alberto Morillas) come together to craft a lighter, contemporary interpretation of this classic with notes like lily, sandalwood white pepper and jasmine and the result is an all-new fragrance experience that is distinctive enough to let you make a big impression.

This feature was published in the December 2011 issue of Wedding Vows, a leading South Asian Wedding & lifestyle magazine  


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